50,00 incl. BTW

Kickstart 2020 – Get Paid What You’re Worth

Do you want to:

  • financially kickstart 2020?
  • get paid what you’re worth?
  • know how to price your product/service or know what’s your marketvalue as an employee?

Long story short: do you want to get what you negotiate?!

I’ve got your back.

In collaboration with TSH Collab City we’re organising a workshop so you can kickstart 2020 financially strong!

You’ll learn:

  •  the best practices for negotiations
  • how to use my proven negotiation track method (on average people earn 30% more after negotiating with this method)
  • how to say no and still get yes
  • how to create a strong BATNA (plan B)
  • how to do a counter offer
  • when to walk away

And more.

Date: December 4th 2019

Location: TSH Collab Wibautstraat 131D, Amsterdam

Time: 18:30 – 20:30




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