Do you want to get that raise or finally ask that much deserved higher fee?!

Blackbird Negotiations can help you with that! We’re teaching the strategies, skills and methods to get what you want. Beside the success stories we will also share you some fuck ups, so you don’t have to make these mistakes anymore!

1-on-1-coaching sessions will be tailored to your specific needs, so contact me to get a quote!



Soon Blackbird Negotiations will launch the first “Negotiation Success” Pilot Course through Instagram Stories.

The Negotiation E-course is in the making, but we’re waiting on the feedback from the pilot, so we can offer you the best e-course!

Follow us on Instagram to get the first updates about the launch!



Blackbird Negotiations is facilitating hands-on workshops to small to medium sized groups. During these workshops we dive deep into the strategies, skills and methods.

There will also be time to practice some of the new developed skills and learned strategies!

Keep an eye on the website for the upcoming workshops!