Hi, I’m Merel

I don’t like to be labeled, so read my full story below.


After graduating from Law School I packed my bags to volunteer, learn Spanish and travel for 6 months in South-America. It was an amazing experience and it made me realise that I wanted so much more than being a lawyer.

I accepted an international consultancy job and moved to Toronto, Canada. During this time I negotiated several successful salary raises and expat contracts. I came up with my own method which seemed to work pretty well.

The corporate expat life taught me a lot, but after a couple of years I felt I wasn’t doing something meaningful. I wanted to inspire and help others.

In 2017 I left my consultancy job to build my dream life as a digital nomad in Bali, Indonesia.

Combining my strengths and passion I founded Blackbird Negotiations. Now I’m teaching ambitious women my method to successfully negotiate what they want!

My mission is to close the gender pay gap together with all the amazing women in the world.