Earning the same as your male colleague?


Nieuws.nl interviewed Merel van der Wouden about women and earning money

According to negotiation coach Merel van der Wouden a lot of women don’t like to negotiate. In that case, it might not be so strange that women earn 19% less dan men, or not?  “Women say yes to an offer faster compared to men”.

Research shows that women at their first job accept the salary proposal without counter proposal. More men come up with a counter proposal, so the difference in pay starts early on.  Women want to prove themself before they ask for a raise. Men ask for a raise and then prove themselves.

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Negotiate like a pro: 5 steps to more salary!

In collaboration with 4 money experts Cosmopolitan created the XL Money Special, about how to negotiate better, save money, spend smarter and consume less.  Let’s get rich!

Merel van der Wouden, founder of Blackbird Negotiations, shares how to get more salary in 5 steps:

  1. Know what you’re worth
  2. Get to know the other party
  3. Have your BATNA (Best Alternative To A Negotiation Agreement) ready
  4. Keep the conversation going
  5. Sleep on it

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An Negotiation course via Instagram?

More and more you can follow a course via Instagram. From a course on time management to a ‘money mindset’ training. But how does that work and what is the offer? We list a number of forerunners.

One of the Dutch daily newspapers interviewed Merel van der Wouden about het “Get what you negotiate” E-course.

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VIVA magazine interviewed Merel van der Wouden, founder Blackbird Negotiations, about the benefits of having a business coach.

“Merel: Without Aranka’s coaching I would have been stuck in the research phase for a long time”

The support from an experienced business owner, who has experienced all the ups and downs herself, helped me to successfully launch Blackbird Negotiations in a short amount of time. What started as an idea grew into a real business.

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Get what you want with the advice from these 4 entrepreneurs!

The GoalDiggers Club asked 4 entrepreneurs about their negotiation strategies.

Merel van der Wouden from Blackbird Negotiations shared one of her most important negotiation tips: knowing what you’re worth. Knowing what you’re worth means doing your research. Merel also shares her favourite online tool to obtain a salary report from a database of 54 million global profiles.


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