Do you want to ask for that raise or higher fee?

I can help you with that!

During the 5 days “Negotiation Success” e-course (pilot) I will teach you the strategies and skills to successfully negotiate that much deserved salary or fee.

Is this e-course for you?

This e-course is for everyone who wants to negotiate about salaries and fees, so employees, employers, freelancers, entrepreneurs etc.

“In business, just as in life, you don’t get what you deserve,
you get what you negotiate! 



Why is it called a pilot?
This e-course is the smaller version of the full Negotiation E-course. During this pilot I will test the product with the early birds. This is also the reason for the low pricing.

What is the starting date of the pilot e-course?
The pilot starts on September 3rd 2018 and will be available until October 15th 2018.

What kind of tasks can I expect?
Tasks like: researching your market value, what are the industry standards, etc. I will give you the tools, but you have to put in the work. I will also create templates which you can use.

Via Instagram?
Yes, Instagram: in order to make this course fit into our lives as easily as possible, I’ve decided to share the content through stories, posts and IG TV. I’ve followed two Instagram e-courses and I find this an efficient way to learn new skills.

How do I get access to the Instagram account?
Easy, follow these 3 steps:
1. Buy your ticket on this website
2. Open your e-mail to find out which Instagram account to follow.
3. Send a DM to this Instagram account with a screenshot from your payment and I will add you.

What if I’m not happy about the e-course?
I’m not happy with unhappy clients, so if you’re not happy, I will return your money, but only if you can show me that you’ve completed at least 2 tasks!